Friday, February 2, 2007

DUI Bill Would Mandate Interlock Devices

Colorado House Bill 1189, sponsored by Rep. Joel Judd (D-Denver), would limit first-time DUI offenders to restricted licenses requiring ignition interlock devices on the vehicles they drive for five years following conviction. Offenders with prior convictions would be required to maintain a restricted interlock license for twenty years. Current law mandates a one-year suspension without probationary or restricted licenses for first-time DUI offenders and a two-year suspension with eligibility for a restricted license after one year for offenders with a prior conviction. The 5- and 20-year suspension periods set forth in HB1189 do not include revocations under the Express Consent law, which mandates a three-month revocation for failing a blood/breath alcohol test in conjunction with driving, and a one-year revocation for refusing such a test.

Ignition interlock devices require that a driver submit an alcohol-free breath sample before the automobile can be started.