Monday, December 13, 2010

Criminal Defense Bar Seeks Public's Assistance in Enforcing New Consent Search Law

Earlier this year, Colorado's new law went into effect requiring officers who conduct consent searches without probable cause to advise the party searched that they have the right to refuse consent (see earlier posts below on this subject). The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is seeking to ensure that this law is observed and enforced, and requests that anyone who was subjected to a consensual search since June of this year without the required advisement being given to contact Art Way at (303) 867-0305 or

In most cases, law enforcement officers must have, at a minimum, probable cause to search a person or his/her property. However, if a person grants consent to search, probable cause is not necessary. Beginning this summer, officers in Colorado are required to advise a person from whom consent to search is sought to advise the person that their consent must be voluntary and that they have a right to refuse consent to search. Evidence that is obtained illegally may be excluded in court--an experienced attorney is essential in evaluting these situations.