Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drug Court Launched for Arapahoe and Douglas Counties

Commencing October 14, Douglas and Arapahoe Counties will be served by a new "Recovery Court," traditionally referred to as a drug court. These courts are alternative sentencing mechanisms designed to reduce the number of defendants convicted of drug offenses who are sentenced to jail by placing them in a comprehensive supervision and treatment program that is overseen directly by a judge. Persons sentenced to drug court must appear regularly before the judge to have their compliance and recovery progress reviewed, and if necessary, modify certain aspects of their supervision.

The program has been used for several years now in Denver, where it has shown noticeable success in reducing both the jail population and recidivism. Denver has also pioneered a similar review court system for DUI offenders, but so far no other jurisdictions have followed suit.

Several sentencing alternatives may be available to criminal defendants here in Colorado, depending on the offense and surrounding circumstances. Before pleading guilty to any crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney should be consulted in order to learn the various possible consequences of a criminal conviction.