Monday, August 10, 2009

Not All Courts Equal When It Comes to DUI/DWAI Sentencing

The Denver Post has published a story outlining a study it did regarding what Colorado drivers can expect in the way of criminal sentencing for a repeat DUI or DWAI offense. The sum of the report is that sentences of jail, alternative confinement, fines and costs for repeat DUI/DWAI offenders can vary greatly depending upon the judge and jurisdiction. "The discrepancy, according to judges, lawyers and other experts, is the result of the collision between judicial philosophy and legal interpretation against the overriding reality of full jails," the story explained. Judges have a variety of options when it comes to sentencing repeat DUI or DWAI offenders, and they appear to be exercising those options depending on the circumstances mentioned above. You can read the entire Post story at

This story demonstrates the importance of experienced legal counsel to assist someone charged with a second or subsequent DUI or DWAI--counsel that can explain the intricacies of sentencing and make the strongest possible argument for sentencing conditions that are in the best interest of the accused.

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