Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attempt to Make Third DUI a Felony Fails

HB10-1184, sponsored by Rep. Cory Gardner (R-63), which would have made a third lifetime DUI conviction a felony in Colorado, has been killed by the Colorado House Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote. Gardner's bill would have made a third DUI conviction a class six felony, punishable by up to three years in prison and a $100,000 fine. The chief opposition to the legislation lay with its increased cost of adding new inmates to an already-inadequate state felony corrections system. Many states have had similar laws for several years.

HB10-1347, sponsored by Rep. Claire Levy (D-13), which would increase mandatory jail penalties and limit alternative jail sentences for repeat DUI offenders, has yet to be heard in the State House Judiciary Committee.

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